Beeginner beekeeperWhat is Beeginner Beekeeper about?

I created Beeginner Beekeeper because I’m passionate about helping anybody who is concerned about the plight of the honey bee.  This website is for anyone who might be considering keeping bees or has just started.  The aim of Beeginner Beekeeper is to help you to make the right decisions and with confidence.

The existing knowledge about bees is often overwhelming to a newcomer and what’s more it can be very hard to distinguish fact from opinion.

Natural beekeeping

This site is unashamedly on the side of natural beekeeping methods and conservation of this valuable species. This can be at the expense of the honey harvest but I believe it makes sense for the bees’ health in the long term.

View from a homeopath

Beginner beekeeperHaving been a homeopath for 12 years I have a particular interest in bees’ health.  From experience I know that medicating prevents a resolution of the problem and results in suppression of symptoms.  Treating with anti-biotics for instance means that the problem goes away at that time but will return when the body has enough energy to ‘have another go’ at resolution.  Repeating anti-biotics pushes it away again and sometimes there is insufficient energy in the system to reproduce it.  Then different, chronic symptoms tend to emerge (typcially bowel problems, candida, signs of liverishness etc).  Applying homeopathy at this stage introduces renewed energy to the system and lo, the original symptoms reappear.  This is why we call medication ‘suppression’.

In the case of honey bees, by analogy, suppressing their symptoms which are an expression of how they are struggling, is to ignore the root cause or causes of the problem.

Better Bee Health

Natural beekeeping isn’t pointing the finger at any one cause but acknowledges that bees are struggling and wants to give them a helping hand to recover their vigour.  That way they should be able to fight off disease without the need for intervention.

Please explore the site and the linked articles to discover more about the natural approach to keeping bees and I wish you every success in your journey into the fabulous world of honey bees.


Sarah Cowell