Local Natural Beekeeping Groups

The Natural Beekeeping movement has blossomed in recent years as a reaction to some ‘orthodox’ modern beekeeping practices.  The logical first step if you’re interested in becoming a beekeeper is to join a local group.  Traditionally these groups shared knowledge, equipment and helped each other with moving hives etc.  Newcomers were given support to set… Read more »

List of Local Natural Beekeeper Groups

Map of natural beekeepers COUNTY WEBSITE / CONTACT Buckinghamshire Contact for potential group Cornwall Yahoo Group Devon Established group Dorset Included in Hants group: New people can send an email to hantsnaturalbeeks-subscribe@yahoogroups.co.uk asking to join the forum Essex Contact for potential group Gloucestershire Wye Valley Group Hampshire New people can send an email to hantsnaturalbeeks-subscribe@yahoogroups.co.uk… Read more »

Natural Beekeeping Courses

Upcoming course with John Haverson (Hants).  John was one of the instructors on the Natural Beekeeping Trust course that helped me make sense of the volume of new information when I first started beekeeping.  The Fascinating World of the Honeybee An Introduction to Natural Beekeeping We will examine how a colony lives throughout the year… Read more »

Experience of bee hive attacked by wasps

Bee hives attacked by wasps Beekeeping is bringing to the fore a character trait I’m not proud of, procrastination. Following natural beekeeping principles leads to inaction rather than action on the whole but sometimes, for example when the hives are being attacked by wasps, action is necessary. Or is it? Wasps I sauntered up the… Read more »

2013 update on my bees

Faberge egg posing as curate's egg

I realize it has been some time since I posted about my own bees.  It’s a curate’s egg, good and bad in parts, so in true British fashion I’ll start with the bad news. At the start of the year I was looking after a colony at work and a colony at home.  Both had… Read more »

Glossary of beekeeping terms

National brood box with roof and floor

The Hive     Comb   Structure of hexagonal cells made of wax built by bees from the wax glands on their lower abdomen.  (Note: no frame or foundation in this natural comb) Foundation   Man-made ‘starter’ comb made synthetically or by collecting used wax from beekeepers.  You can see the wire supports used to… Read more »

Honey … ah, sugar, sugar

Sugar Crystals By Jan Homann (Own work (eigenes Bild)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Click here for musical accompaniment Six weeks at the number one spot in 1969 has imprinted this song on my brain indelibly and I’m sorry to say that an e-mail from Fragile Planet prompted it to return in its ear-worm fashion while I stewed over the content (of the e-mail, not the syrupy lyrics). We’ve… Read more »