Where to buy honey bee plants


Buy honey bee plants at:

Bee Happy Plants  Sarah Holdsworth …   points out that despite being advertized as ‘Plants for Polliators’ the RHS may use chemicals to grow these plants.  Her plants are guaranteed to be free from pesticides and fungicides.  She favours wild, native species.

Rosy Bee Plants for Bees

Sarah Raven Plants for Pollinators.  Sarah Raven campaigns for wild flowers : “As is often quoted, it is estimated that in Britain between 1932 and 1984, we lost 90 per cent of our unimproved, flower-rich, lowland grassland, key areas for any foraging insect. The countryside in 2011 may look lush, but there’s precious little for pollinator insects to feed on.”

For seeds:

Stormy Hall biodynamically grown – the best!

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