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Eco-friendly wood preservative

Lifetime wood treatment

Eureka?  Could I have found someone with the solution to a perennial problem – how to preserve wood in an eco-friendly way?  As I wrote in my blog on paint for bee hives the natural order of things is for wood to decompose, so stopping that process has involved toxic substances. Canadian company Vahalla Wood… Read more »

Skep making course

Straw skep

Willow basket making is known for its therapeutic value but I’m not sure the same can be said of straw!  I wasn’t the only one to be flat-out exhausted at the end of our day.  It didn’t help that my skep grew and grew like Jack’s bean stalk and as I looked around I could… Read more »

Of skeps and alvearies

Willow skep or alveary

I’ve mentioned before that I am no woodworker and because hands off beekeeping is so much about creating a good home will the bees it has been a little disempowering.  In the garden at work is a fair amount of willow and running the place on a shoestring means looking to maximize every resource available…. Read more »

Comparison of Natural Beekeeping Hives

Horizontal top bar hive

This blog concentrates on comparing the main natural beekeeping hives.  See Hives for Natural Beekeeping for an introduction to natural beekeeping hives and the main differences between these and orthodox hives. Currently the hives most used by natural beekeepers are the vertical Warré and horizontal top bar hives although the new sun hive is gaining… Read more »

Hives for Natural Beekeeping

Horizontal top bar hive

It has been said that no form of beekeeping can be natural and the term seems to irritate the hell out of some beekeepers.  However the phrase has been chosen with good reason, emphasizing how far some orthodox beekeeping practices have come from the ways bees would behave in the wild, ‘naturally’. Dead tree trunks… Read more »

Different bee hives

Warré vertical top bar hive

I am hugely grateful to The Natural Beekeeping Trust for permission to display the images below.  For more see Hives for Natural Beekeeping and Comparison of Hives for Natural Beekeeping National hive           Warré hive                Top bar hive            Golden hive (Einraumbeute)… Read more »