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Beekeeping Protective Clothing – price comparison

Beekeeping Protective Clothing – UK price comparison (updated Oct 2013) Suit – all-in-one Fragile Planet £ 98.95 Excl. P&P £5 The Bee Shop £ 49.50 No P&P Thornes £ 124.20 Excl. P&P (incl. VAT for UK) Smock and veil Fragile Planet £ 29.99 Excl. P&P £5 The Bee Shop £ 34.50 No P&P Thornes £… Read more »

Bee Protective Clothing for Natural Beekeepers

A natural beekeeper begins to understand the wisdom behind traditional beekeeping protective clothing Collecting my first bees After waiting three years to get some bees I was at long last going to visit the bees that were to become mine.  You might think three years was sufficient time to get prepared but after a series… Read more »