Comparison of Natural Beekeeping Hives

Horizontal top bar hive

This blog concentrates on comparing the main natural beekeeping hives.  See Hives for Natural Beekeeping for an introduction to natural beekeeping hives and the main differences between these and orthodox hives. Currently the hives most used by natural beekeepers are the vertical Warré and horizontal top bar hives although the new sun hive is gaining… Read more »

Hives for Natural Beekeeping

Horizontal top bar hive

It has been said that no form of beekeeping can be natural and the term seems to irritate the hell out of some beekeepers.  However the phrase has been chosen with good reason, emphasizing how far some orthodox beekeeping practices have come from the ways bees would behave in the wild, ‘naturally’. Dead tree trunks… Read more »

Different bee hives

Warré vertical top bar hive

I am hugely grateful to The Natural Beekeeping Trust for permission to display the images below.  For more see Hives for Natural Beekeeping and Comparison of Hives for Natural Beekeeping National hive           Warré hive                Top bar hive            Golden hive (Einraumbeute)… Read more »

Finally, neonicotinoids are coming off the shelves

Bee arrives for a feed

It’s nice to be able to report some good green news!  The alarm raised that neonicotinoid pesticides might be poisoning honeybees (and other insects) has finally been heeded. Waiting for science to endorse the accounts of witnesses is at best frustrating and at worst negligent and harmful to nature.  I do worry that this ‘nothing… Read more »

One cubic foot


Click the link below to find out what life two friends observed in a cubic foot of cornfield. Cornstalks everywhere but…

A swarm. O.M.G.

Swarm bin and suit

Part 1 – A Swarm Arrives Don’t you just hate it when your head, warm and cosy in the sand, is forced to come out and face reality? How prepared was I for a swarm? I had thought that it was something I would have to face sooner or later and that I might use… Read more »