As I understand it this is the propolis gateway through which bees ‘de-bug’ on their way into (and out of) the hive.  Brushing past the propolis which has anti-microbial and fungal properties, helps them keep clean. The great propolis story is how they can ‘embalm’ an intruder that is too big to be physically removed… Read more »

Beekeeping information – Recommended reading for beginner beekeepers

Bee-friendly Beekeeper by David Heaf David Heaf’s book is one of the few that comes from the perspective of the bee rather than the beekeeper. He favours the Warré hive but general principles apply. Barefoot Beekeeper by Phil Chandler The top bar hive equivalent of David Heaf’s book. Guide to Bees & Honey by Ted Hooper… Read more »

Early spring forage for honey bees

Corylus contorta

My local beekeeper association has kindly sent round a note reminding beginner beekeepers to check food stocks in their hives as his own bees are taking a substantial amount of fondant at the moment.  The weather has been mild and sunny (in the south west anyway) and the bees have been flying.  It’s fantastic to… Read more »


Weighing hives

I’m convinced my bees have enough honey to last them a winter, especially such a kind one as this (south/south-west England) but a new and curious word was appearing in my mind, ‘heft’.  Once they were caught out by one of the rare cold snaps and the paving slab by the hive had a smattering… Read more »

Beekeeping Protective Clothing – price comparison

Beekeeping Protective Clothing – UK price comparison (updated Oct 2013) Suit – all-in-one Fragile Planet £ 98.95 Excl. P&P £5 The Bee Shop £ 49.50 No P&P Thornes £ 124.20 Excl. P&P (incl. VAT for UK) Smock and veil Fragile Planet £ 29.99 Excl. P&P £5 The Bee Shop £ 34.50 No P&P Thornes £… Read more »