Honey bee plants for acid soils

Devil's bit scabious

Below is a list of honey bee plants that do well on acid soils. Trees and shrubs Acers   All acers produce pollen but some won’t produce nectar in the UK.  Flowering time is generally April to May. Bilberry or whortleberry Vaccinum myrtillus.  Produces nectar and pollen in April, May and June.  Related to the American… Read more »

Pollen guides

Here are some suggestions for information on pollen guides Images of pollen up-close Click on guide to pollen colour from Sheffield Beekeepers Reference: A Colour Guide to Pollen Loads of the Honeybee by W.D. Kirk

Flower seed mixes for honeybees

Field wild flowers

The following seed mixtures contain exclusively honeybee flowers offering either nectar, pollen, or both.  There are many other seed mixes available that provide some honeybee plants along with forage for other insects but I know I was curious to learn more about my bees and their particular food material so wanted to know which plants… Read more »

Best wild flowers for nectar and pollen

Wild flowers campion

Table of honey bee wild flowers by month Month Name Latin Nectar & pollen Length of flowering January   February Dandelion Taraxacum officianale N/P Feb – Nov   Deadnettle Lamium spp. N/P Feb – Nov March Celandine Ranunculus ficaria N/P Mar – May   Ground ivy Glechoma hederacea N/P Mar – Jun April Vetch Vicia… Read more »

Best flowers for nectar & pollen

Nepeta (2)

Month Name Latin Nectar/pollen Length of flowering January Snowdrop Galanthus nivalis N/P Jan – Apr   Winter aconite Eranthis hyemalis N/P Jan, Feb Crocus Species Crocus N/P Jan, Feb February Hellebore Helleborus foetidus, H. viridis, H. orientalis N/P Feb – Apr   Deadnettle Lamium spp., L. maculatum ‘Silver Beacon’ for groundcover N/P Feb – Nov… Read more »