Flowering ivy Flowering ivy

Ivy is one of the most important honey bee plants because it is in flower when very little else is.  The image shows ivy flowers on the left, the ‘wispy’ yellow rather than smooth satellites.  Only mature ivy produces flowers (and the blue-black berry fruits).  It can take 10 years for ivy to mature but the good news if you want to have some in your garden is that you can take a cutting which will produce flowers and fruit.  The question is do you want ivy in your garden?  All I can say is that the bees and many other insects including the less glamourous flies and wasps, will be grateful.

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  1. Michelle Haworth on

    Hi, while out walking on Sunday 5th Oct along the canal, my partner and I saw many red admiral butterflies on the spherical flowers of the ivy, they were among lots of Bees and other insects, twas a magnificent site as during the summer months we walked the 84 miles of Hadrian’s Wall and only spotted a couple of Red Admirals. So seeing all those near to home was magical.

  2. Gary Lauchlan on

    Having seen moths butterflys wasps flys native bees and honey bees swarming over mature ivy it’s a no brainer to plant it I’m a hobby bee keeper with 11 hives

  3. Lauren on

    Is there a specific variety of ivy that is better? I live in Wisconsin so I’d need a cold-hardy varietal. Thanks for the post!

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