Finally, neonicotinoids are coming off the shelves

Bee arrives for a feed

It’s nice to be able to report some good green news!  The alarm raised that neonicotinoid pesticides might be poisoning honeybees (and other insects) has finally been heeded.

Waiting for science to endorse the accounts of witnesses is at best frustrating and at worst negligent and harmful to nature.  I do worry that this ‘nothing can be asserted unless backed up by science’ is too open to abuse in politics.  If pesticide trials vouched for safety and it turns out to be false what happens?  Are there penalties?  I don’t believe so.

Is this what will happen with GM food? Problems will occur but science will be unable to pinpoint the cause.  Many years later the proof will be found but the damage will be done – perhaps genes unleashed into the environment that can’t be recalled.

Taking neonicotinoids off the shelves is of course a step in the right direction but my jubilation is tempered by the thought that campaigners are always many steps behind the chemical company lobbyists.

Bee arrives for a feedClick here to read Huffington Post article about banning neonicotinoids, natural beekeeping, sun hives and the magic of bee optics (and how it can be used to land aeroplanes).




Whoa – just a minute.  This article shows how toothless the risk assessment is for us Brits.

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