New bee hive design

The James Dyson award challenges new designers to come up with solutions to existing problems. This innovative bee hive design has taken natural beekeeping principles on board, as the designer puts it:

“Helping reestablish a connection between humans and honeybees based on more than just honey.”

I like the material, cork, the shape and the fact that it can be assembled without glue but have reservations about the ‘light’ inside. I’m not sure what its purpose is and bees naturally gravitate to a dark space.

“There is a light built into the roof that grows with intensity as the bees produce more heat at night. The bees’ ability to keep the hive warm is a good indication that they are healthy. So this provides an indirect indication of colony welfare, whilst also drawing curiosity from people and helping create a connection and relationship.”

Bee hive design

Yaakov Kamara’s bee hive design for the James Dyson Award

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